These functions were renamed moving from collapse 1.5.3 to 1.6.0 to make the namespace more consistent. With collapse 1.7.0 I have depreciated all methods to fNobs, fNdistinct, fHDbetween and fHDwithin. The S3 generics and the other functions will be depreciated in 2023 for the earliest. These all now give a message reminding you not to use them in fresh code.


fNobs -> fnobs
fNdistinct -> fndistinct
pwNobs -> pwnobs
fHDwithin -> fhdwithin
fHDbetween -> fhdbetween
as.factor_GRP -> as_factor_GRP
as.factor_qG -> as_factor_qG
is.GRP -> is_GRP
is.qG -> is_qG
is.unlistable -> is_unlistable
is.categorical -> is_categorical
is.Date -> is_date
as.numeric_factor -> as_numeric_factor
as.character_factor -> as_character_factor
Date_vars -> date_vars
`Date_vars<-` -> `date_vars<-`